Exploring opportunities to optimize the value of Group property holdings


In February 2015 Norsk Gjenvinning announced that the Group decided to implement a number of cost cutting measures in order to deal with excess capacity in several of the Group's businesses. 

These measures include, among other things, an  optimization of the plant footprint through a  reduction of the number of plants. As a consequence, several of the properties owned by the Group are no longer needed by Group companies for operations.

On this basis the Group has decided to explore a full range of strategic and financial alternatives to optimize the value of the Group's property holdings, including properties that will still be in use by Group companies. In addition to property sales, options could include sales and lease back transactions of select Norsk Gjenvinning properties.

The Group will take the time needed to thoroughly evaluate all opportunities.

For further information please contact:

Dean Zuzic, CFO
Mobile +47 41433560
Email: dean.zuzic@ngn.no