New Managing Director in Norsk Gjenvinning Renovasjon AS (Household Collection Division)


Bjorn Kopstad, Managing Director of NG subsidiary Norsk Gjenvinning Renovasjon AS will resign his position with effect from 22 September 2015.

Kopstad has been a key leader in the Group for more than 17 years, and has contributed with valuable business expertise. Over the last four years Kopstad has built NG Renovasjon AS to become a successful and a very profitable subsidiary.

We thank Bjorn Kopstad for a remarkable effort in the company and the Group, and wish him continued success.

Jørgen N. Pettersen is appointed acting Managing Director with immediate effect. Pettersen was appointed head of the Norwegian activity of NG Renovasjon AS two years ago. Prior to that, Pettersen worked three years with business development within the Group.

We wish Jørgen Pettersen the best of luck with his new challenges.

Contact: Dean Zuzic, Chairman of the Board in Norsk Gjenvinning Renovasjon AS; mobile: +47 414 33 560