History of NG Group

Our business started as a small scrap trading company in 1926 by Adolf Jahr. The Jahr family became involved and expanded the enterprise. They changed the name to Aker Flaske – og Skraphandel. Their focus was recycling metals, and trading coal, petroleum and potatoes. Almost 40 years later, they began to collect recycled paper, and the first vehicle for container transport was introduced. Since then, the company has continuously evolved in sustainable solutions, new technology and services. Expansion in waste management has led to the point that NG Group is one of the leading pioneers in the circular marked.

Key events NG Group

Some of the key events that shaped us into the company we are today.

  • 1926

    Adolf Jahr started the business

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  • 1964

    Started collecting recycled paper

  • 1979

    The business moved into new location at Økern

  • 1983

    The first sorting facility

    opened for commercial waste at Haraldrud in Oslo, where 20 000 tons of recycled paper were collected

  • 1988

    Continuous growth

    The business is growing and handles 60 000 tons of recycled paper, with 30 vehicles and 90 employees

  • 1991

    Took the name Norsk Gjenvinning

  • 1996

    New shareholders

    Norsk Hydro, Gjensidige, Vesta, Tiedemanns and Ove Høegh join as shareholders and we are acquire eight companies. In total, we operate 16 recycling facilities.

  • 2003

    New name

    We are being acquired by Veolia Environmental Services and changing our name to Veolia Miljø

  • 2011

    The company was acquired by Altor Equity Partners

  • 2013

    The Downstream Division was established.

    The first establishment in Denmark after the acquisition of IBKA AS. The first waste management contract commenced in Sweden.

  • 2018

    Summa Equity bought the company

  • 2022

    New name

    Changed name to NG Group.