We strive to attract and nurture employees who are aligned with our passion for the environment and are eager to be pioneers within circularity - while pursuing growth and realizing their aspirations. Our path to success lies in building a cohesive "WEculture" that fosters a strong sense of belonging throughout the organization. Recognizing our employees as invaluable assets, we collaborate daily to advance towards a sustainable future guided by our core values: caring, committed, courageous and collaborative.

Our Values

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NG Group has been named the most environmentally conscious company in Norway

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Our Culture

At NG Group we acknowledge that engaged and content employees are the foundation for our success, and we always search for employee insight to make sure we are in touch with our organization, and that we make the right decisions

Diversity, equity and inclusion

NG Group believes that diversity will make us a more attractive employer as well as provide us with the platform needed to pioneer circularity. Diversity in gender, age, culture, and different backgrounds will contribute to a sound and dynamic working environment and harmonize with NG Group’s values and strategic focus


At NG Group we believe in attracting a diverse mix of talented resources and facilitate development opportunities that motivates our people to grow their careers on our mission to pioneer circularity.

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Our women's survey showed that the majority of women enjoy their work and aspire to have a career at NG Group. It certainly makes me proud as a female leader in the group, and it provides motivation to work even more purposefully and improve ourselves in areas where we need to get better. We have implemented a range of initiatives across the company, and I know that many are actively engaged in various measures both now and in the future.

Runa Opdal Kerr

Group Chief Sustainibility Officer, CSO

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It is important that the Group's organization and business activities reflect the customers and the market in which it operates. The Group aims to be a good workplace for everyone, regardless of background, and strives to have a diverse and inclusive work culture.

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