Pioneering Circularity generates a positive impact. Together with our partners NG Group contributes to reducing the pressure on natural resources and decarbonizing society by enabling access to recycled materials. We provide transparent and accountable waste management, sending waste to compliant business partners. NG Group’s divisions each have their own priorities and address different sustainability challenges with different strategies. Looking at the group, the strategic focus areas reflect the NG Group as fundamentally sustainable.

Pioneering circularity

Every year, we collect more than 2 million tonnes of waste and end-of-life products from more than 40.000 customers across a range of industries. To us, there is no such thing as waste, there is only resources that can be used to become new secondary raw materials of high value.

Commitments and policies

Through our commitments and policies we ensure that our business is conducted in line with applicable legislation and our volountary commitments, entailng amongst other that we continously strive for a sustainable way of business

Sustainability performance

Our work encompasses a variety of tasks, including all the effort we put into certifications and improvements. We are committed to constantly challenging ourselves, striving for improvement and meet tomorrow`s standards

Sustainability reports

Overview of our sustainability reports

Bærekraftrapport 2022


Bærekraftrapport 2021


Key sustainability performance indicators in 2022

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Total greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1, 2, 3)


Lost time frequency incident rate (LTIFR)


Women leaders and specialists


Total number of on-site audits