Whistleblowing is reporting objectionable conditions in the business to a person who can do something about it. Notification is good both for the company and for society because objectionable conditions can thus be rectified. People who are willing to report are an important resource for us. Norsk Gjenvinning will in no way punish anyone who reports possible dishonest or illegal behavior in our operations. Reporting can be done anonymously, but normally transparency will ensure better proceedings and a better result for all parties involved. Who the whistleblower is, however, is confidential information.

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Notification can be given anonymously, but, normally, transparency will make the process easier and ensure a better outcome for all the parties involved. Notifications to Norsk Gjenvinning will nonetheless be dealt with confidentially, and the whistleblower's identity is confidential information. Norsk Gjenvinning will not penalise anyone who reports possible fraudulent or illegal conduct in our business.

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In order for the whistleblowing system to be able to uncover undesirable circumstances, it is important that you provide as many facts as possible. This may be the department and service in question, the persons involved and any dealings, that you as the whistleblower, have had with the case.

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