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NG Group Welcomes New Chief DNA and Technology Officers to Executive Committee

NG Group is pleased to announce that our Executive Committee is being strengthened with two new key positions: Mette Hopsdal as our new Group Chief DNA Officer, and Mette Egli as our new Group Chief Technology Officer. Both will report directly to Group CEO Bjørn Arve Ofstad in their new roles.

NG Metall Welcomes Roy Hammer as New CEO

Claes Merborn has decided to step down from his position as CEO of NG Metall, a part of the NG Group. Roy Hammer has been appointed as his successor. NG Metall is recognized as a leading player in circular solutions for iron and metals, with advanced facilities in both Norway and Sweden where several hundred thousand tons are recycled annually.

Voted the most enviromentally company

So proud! We are ranked as the nr.1 most environmentally conscious company in Norway by Ipsos in Norway’s reputation survey!
We have also been ranked in a very strong third place in terms of social responsibility. It’s especially pleasing to see that the younger generations are most satisfied with us.
A good reputation is not built overnight, it's crafted through consistent actions, transparency, and a commitment to ethical conduct. We thank you for your trust.

Physical precense to secure the value chain.

We took the trip to India, Thailand and Hong Kong. To secure the value chain and upholding of ethical standards.
To truly understand where our products end up and assess the conditions in these facilities, we take a hands-on approach by physically verifying, going beyond mere preliminary investigations and contractual agreements.

First electrical crane

NG Metall has purchased the fully electric feeding crane, primarily for enviromental reasons. Electric machines have lower greenhouse gas emissions than diesel-powered machines. Addidionally, there are fewer maintenance points than on a diesel engine.

Announcement from Summa

Summa announces the closing of Summa Circular with an investment in NG, a company originally acquired by Summa Fund I in 2018. Ownership of NG is thus transferred from Summa Fund I to Summa Circular. The ~EUR 550m transaction will allow Summa and the NG management team to continue executing their value creation plan by capturing the expanding market opportunity stemming from the shift towards a circular economy.

A tremendous effort by Øst Riv

The first milestone at Randklev Bridge has been reached.