About us

NG Group is a leading Nordic provider of circular solutions and environmental services, committed to expediting the shift towards a circular economy. We control and manage a critical part of the Nordic waste management infrastructure through a large modern asset base. We have a strong upstream presence in waste collection, logistics, sorting, pre-processing, and trading, and downstream presence in material recycling and recovery, aiming to be the pioneer in circular as well as clean energy solutions.

Vision & Mission

Imagine a world where no resources are wasted. A circular world, a smarter world. NG Group`s 2,300 employees work every day with pioneering circularity as their vision. With creative thinking and teamwork, we challenge conventional norms and regenerate resources so that we can take better care of our planet and nature. We are proud to take a leading role, with our customers and partners, in the green transition to a circular economy.


This is NG Group

NG Group in brief

All key numbers are from 2023


Founded year

2 300


2.0 mill tonnes

Waste handled


Collection & Processing sites


We have facilities and operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, and have a presence in Finland and the United Kingdom. Our headquarters are located in Lysaker, just outside Oslo in Norway.


Our business started as a small scrap trading company in 1926 by Adolf Jahr. The Jahr family became involved and expanded the enterprise. And now, almost 100 years later, we still explore, develop and expand our business to be best within pioneering circularity and ensure circular waste management, and find better and new solutions for reusing our materials.

Management & Board

Overview of members of the group management and the Board of Directors


NG Group has over the years received several awards and reqognitions that we are very proud of. They accnowledge both our employees and the pioneering work to each day be better and togheter with our partners deliver smarter sustainable solutions.