Over the years, we have won several prestigious awards that we are very proud of. Not only the individual awards themselves, which are, of course very gratifying - but also the diversity that the various awards represent. Everything from awards for circular work, environmental awareness, focus on improvements and circular economy, to leadership, inclusion, and innovation.

No 1 on environmental awareness

Ipsos Reputation Survey.

Ipsos has conducted several profile surveys of Norwegian businesses every year since 1992, and based on the results of these surveys, we award the Reputation Prize. The prize was won by Norsk Gjenvinning.

Norway`s Climate Champions 2023


The Climate Index provides an annual overview of the progress in climate efforts and reporting among the top 100 biggest companies in Norway💚
Read more about the Climate Index here (in Norwegian):

INSEAD Case Study 2023

INSEAD case study Zirq Solutions. Insead studies cover a wide range of business topics, including strategy, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, and more.

Circular Economy Award 2022

(SDG Tech Denmark)

SDG Tech Awards is an initiative by Sustainary, a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to mobilize impact. Sustainary supports startups, SMEs and companies with green transition, innovation, and growth. Won by Zirq Solutions.

Norway`s Leadership Talent 2022 & 2023


The award focuses on recognizing talented leaders within the business sector.

Norway`s Smartest Industrial Company 2021

(The Federation of Norwegian Industries)

Norsk Gjenvinning was recognized for utilizing advanced technology to sort waste into pure recycled raw materials in the world’s first fully digital sorting line at Haraldrud, Oslo.

Innovation Award 2019

(Norwegian Waste Management and Recycling Association)

The award is given to businesses who deserve attention for their efforts to make society more circular, and increase the utilization and value of recycled raw materials

Inclusion Award 2017

(The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise)

Harvard Business School Case Study

Turnaround at Norsk Gjenvinning 2015-2017

Since 1924, the case method has been the most widely applied and successful teaching instrument to come out of HBS, and it is used today in almost all MBA and Executive Education courses there, as well as in hundreds of other top business schools around the world.