Danish P.Olesen becomes part of NG Group

NG Group, a leading Nordic provider of circular solutions and, through the Urban Reuse platform, a pioneer in sustainable reuse of buildings and infrastructure in Norway, is pleased to announce the acquisition of P. Olesen. This significantly strengthens NG Group in Denmark and represents an important step forward in our commitment to circular solutions within the construction industry.

P. Olesen, with around 200 employees and an annual turnover of approximately 600 MNOK, is Denmark's leading demolition company specializing in reuse and circular solutions for construction waste. The family-owned company was established over 50 years ago and has one of the most advanced machinery fleets in the Nordic region. In recent years, P. Olesen has reinforced its position in rehabilitation and reuse, making it a very good fit for NG Group's activities in construction and infrastructure.

Group CEO Bjørn Arve Ofstad emphasizes that the group will continue its growth in the Nordic region with the aim of pioneering circular solutions.

-With P. Olesen, we are laying a solid foundation for further profitable expansion in the region. We have great confidence in the company, which, with its unique market position in Denmark, brings valuable expertise and potential. We look forward to the journey ahead together and are pleased that the Olesen family will join us as shareholders in NG Group, says Bjørn Arve Ofstad.

-In NG Group, we see a strong alignment in core values and an exceptional opportunity to develop activities in Denmark together, benefiting both existing and new customers—especially in recycling and circular thinking. We look forward to collaborating with NG Group and their skilled employees, sayes the owner-directors Henrik, Peter, and Kenneth Olesen of P. Olesen

The CEO of Urban Reuse at NG Group, Are Strøm, sees great opportunities for the future.

-I have had the opportunity to get to know P. Olesen over the past 1.5 years and am incredibly happy that we have brought P. Olesen on board. Their extensive experience in construction, as well as solutions in waste management and recycling, will strengthen our ability to deliver large-scale circular solutions and create value for our customers," says Are Strøm.

P. Olesen's focus on sustainable waste management and recycling has become a significant competitive advantage. The company operates several facilities that annually process approximately 300,000 tonnes of waste, of which over 90% is recycled. They have a wide range of treatment methods that deliver high-quality materials: wood for particleboard, glass for window glass, concrete for construction projects, as well as gypsum and asphalt for new gypsum boards and road asphalt.