First electrical crane

NG Metall has purchased the fully electric feeding crane, primarily for enviromental reasons. Electric machines have lower greenhouse gas emissions than diesel-powered machines. Addidionally, there are fewer maintenance points than on a diesel engine.

This is the first fully electric crane we have, and a step in a even more sustainable direction. It has many smart features that enable efficient energy use, including a hybrid system that allows the machine to store energy when the grab is lowered. which it then uses to lift again. According to the machine dealer, this can reduse energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

The crane is used to move raw metals from large piles outside to the conveyor belt leading to the "shredder." There, the materials are crushed into smaller pieces before being sorted for further processing using various methods, such as magnetism. The crane was put in place this summer, after some delays. Authen mentions that they are also exploring the possibility of replacing several diesel machines with electric ones.

"We are considering switching to electric wheel loaders as well. Currently, there is a bit limited availability in the market, but there are exciting developments ahead. We've been operating this crane for almost half a year now, and we are eager to see how it performs going forward."

Published 03.11.23