Integrated Annual Report 2023

We are pleased to share our annual report for 2023. This report details our financial value creation, and highlights our commitments to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.We made significant strides toward our ambitious goal of accelerating the transition to a circular economy across the Nordics. This is made possible by strengthening our customers and partners through circular solutions and environmental services, offering tailored strategies that drive both sustainability and economic growth.

Here are some key highlights:

-We handled 2 million tonnes of waste, thereby saving society from 1.4 million tonnes CO2e, which corresponds to the annual emissions from over 310 000 gasoline-powered cars.

-Achieved record high revenue, continuing executing our value creation plan by capturing the expanding market opportunity stemming from the shift towards a circular economy.

-Our team has grown to 2,277 dedicated employees, pioneers, committed to driving forward our mission and values.

Download the report here: NG Group

Published 28.04.24

Updated 28.04.24