Voted the most enviromentally company

So proud! We are ranked as the nr.1 most environmentally conscious company in Norway by Ipsos in Norway’s reputation survey!
We have also been ranked in a very strong third place in terms of social responsibility. It’s especially pleasing to see that the younger generations are most satisfied with us.
A good reputation is not built overnight, it's crafted through consistent actions, transparency, and a commitment to ethical conduct. We thank you for your trust.

Ipsos is behind the reputation survey, where, as a group, we ended ip at the top for the environment. Trough the work of all employees in NG Group every day, we reduce the pressure on global natural resources, save society over 1 millon tonns of CO2e emissions annually, and ensure that waste does not go astray. We perform particularly well among the younger generations. Being able to engage and inspire the younger generations is crucial as we undergo the necessary transition to a sustainable society with a circular economy.

Published 29.10.23