NG Group and INSEAD: Partnership for Forward-Looking Research

NG Group has entered a partnership with INSEAD’s Sustainable Business Initiative, strengthening our commitment to research and sustainable business practices.

-We are happy to announce our collaboration with INSEAD, an important partnership in our journey towards fostering innovative research and development, states Bjørn Arve Ofstad, Group CEO at NG Group. 

As one of the world's leading business schools, INSEAD offers a world-class research environment and expertise, creating a win-win collaboration for both parties.

- Our Sustainable Business Initiative engages with forward-looking industrial partners to create collective knowledge on challenges related to the transition to sustainable business. NG Group is such a partner, and we look forward to a successful collaboration, tells Professor Luk Van Wassenhove at INSEAD. 

With nearly a century of industrial experience, NG Group has established research and collaboration as important cornerstones of its success.

-This partnership enables us to push the boundaries of knowledge in ways that can lead to transformative industry solutions. At NG Group, we believe in the power of collaborative research to address complex challenges, Ofstad adds.

Case Study: Recycling Insulin Pens

The partnership has swiftly yielded results; earlier this year, INSEAD unveiled the case study Easier Together: Zirq Solutions’ Ecosystem Approach to Recycling Insulin Pens. The study showcases how Zirq Solutions, a part of NG Group, has developed the world`s only industrial process capable of reclaiming materials from used medical pens, transforming them into new products like high-end designer chairs. 

Bjørn Arve Ofstad and Thomas Mørch at INSEAD.