Physical precense to secure the value chain.

We took the trip to India, Thailand and Hong Kong. To secure the value chain and upholding of ethical standards.
To truly understand where our products end up and assess the conditions in these facilities, we take a hands-on approach by physically verifying, going beyond mere preliminary investigations and contractual agreements.

Our compliance audits are centered around crucial aspects, such as ensuring fair labor practices, environmental responsibility, and compliance with international and national waste regulations. We are proud over the fact that we are actually doing this compliance control in person. Its
a good way to secure our standards and valuechain, and be reliable for our partners and custumers.

"In Asia, labor is inexpensive, leading to many manual processes. This requires us to be extra vigilant to ensure that working conditions are maintained. The standards can be far from what we are accustomed to in Norway," says Nicolaysen. She explains that a careful selection of partners ensures that those employed have good working conditions.

"It's encouraging to see a positive development since NG first traveled to Asia," says Skauge, who is on an audit in Asia for the fourth time.

"Some facilities have good and automated processes and a high standard of occupational health and safety practices, while unfortunately, others are underserved."

We build trust.

Published 14.11.23