Ansattbilder mars 2022

The Danish Government appoints Michael Bayer Thomsen as Chairman of Climate Partnership for Manufacturing Companies


Thomsen, appointed as the Chairman of the Climate Partnership, will serve as an advisor to the Danish government and take on the role of a prominent figure representing the partnership in the public eye. One of his primary tasks will be communicating and raising awareness about the green conversion of production companies, particularly addressing the challenges associated with CO2 reductions.

Thomsen currently holds the position of Senior Vice President of Medical at Zirq Solutions, a part of the NG Group. Zirq Solutions specializes in accelerating the circular economy and developing solutions for recycling complex waste streams, with a primary focus on cable and medical waste.

– We are facing a 'shall' task, not a 'can' task. We shall succeed. My experience tells me that it is possible to establish and operate a business that tackles one of our biggest problems - recycling. We must reduce our resource consumption, and one way to do that is by creating new business models that are based on circular solutions. Personally, this is an area I am passionate about, and where I find increased energy in contributing to change, says Thomsen.

Collaboration across

Denmark, driven by a steadfast commitment, has set a target to slash its greenhouse gas emissions by a remarkable 70 percent in 2030 when compared to the levels of 1990. This ambitious goal necessitates assuming a position of international leadership in spearheading the green transition. Moreover, Denmark aims to achieve this transition while simultaneously bolstering job opportunities, welfare, exports, and overall competitiveness.

– The partnership will contribute to the green transition by ensuring that there is a clear plan and that we put the eggs in the right baskets. It is important that we also focus on companies that do not produce for green energy solutions but address other climate issues. We do this, for example, at Zirq Solutions by contributing to a circular economy, including the utilization of recycled plastic, and importantly, by helping our customers design products with a focus on resource optimization throughout the product's lifespan - and in the product's next lifespan, says Thomsen.

Simultaneously, in his capacity as the chairman of the climate partnership for manufacturing companies, Thomsen will assume membership in Green Business Forum. This esteemed forum convenes twice a year to deliberate on various crucial matters, including the implementation of numerous green agreements, assessing the international climate footprint, and closely monitoring the progress of sector-specific roadmaps for achieving CO2 reductions. By taking on this additional role, Thomsen will actively contribute to these vital discussions and initiatives aimed at fostering a sustainable future.

– I will approach the task humbly and involve all the skilled and dedicated individuals who are part of the climate partnership and Green Business Forum, either directly or indirectly," concludes Thomsen.

Thomsen joined Zirq Solutions as Senior Vice President in 2023. With over 20 years of expertise in circular solutions for plastics and metals, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Notably, for the past eight years, Thomsen served as co-owner and CEO of Letbek Group, where he spearheaded efforts in the circular economy. His passion lies in pioneering a path towards a more circular world, emphasizing the optimization of value chains and promoting sustainability. Additionally, Thomsen has actively engaged in M&A activities, playing a significant role in driving growth and development in recent years.