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Published: 18.07.24

Summa Equity through NG Group acquires Fortum Recycling and Waste. This unique platform will provide our customers with innovative and end-to-end solutions across the full value chain.

Published: 25.06.24

NG Group og TOMRA går sammen om å sette sirkularitet på dagsorden under Arendalsuka 2024, og etablerer Sirkulærscenen på Langbryggen 15 - Onsdag 14. august 2024.

Published: 12.07.24

Each year, Norsk Gjenvinning collects tens of thousands of tons of food waste from households and businesses. Now, the company has secured a new midstream position by investing in a new substrate facility in Trondheim.

Published: 10.07.24

Samarbeidet mellom BI, Skanska og NG Group er en nyskapende opplæring innen sirkulærøkonomi. Et kurs for å forstå og praktisere prinsippene bak gjenbruk og bærekraft i hverdagen, og om å omforme måten vi tenker på og om ressursforvaltning.

Published: 20.06.24

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of P. Olesen. This significantly strengthens NG Group in Denmark and represents an important step forward in our commitment to circular solutions within the construction industry.

Published: 10.06.24

With over a third of the world's emissions linked to how we produce, use and discard materials, transitioning to a circular economy is crucial for addressing the climate crisis and better preserving nature. Through the NG Group Award, we aim to promote young talents and support knowledge sharing for a more sustainable future

Published: 28.04.24

We are pleased to share our annual report for 2023. This report details our financial value creation, and highlights our commitments to environmental sustainability and social responsibility

Bjørn Arve Ofstad and Thomas Mørch at INSEAD.

Published: 29.04.24

As one of the world's leading business schools, INSEAD offers a world-class research environment and expertise, creating a win-win collaborations. NG Group has entered a partnership.

Published: 28.01.24

NG Group is pleased to announce that our Executive Committee is being strengthened with two new key positions: Mette Hopsdal as our new Group Chief DNA Officer, and Mette Egli as our new Group Chief Technology Officer.

Published: 12.01.24

Claes Merborn has decided to step down from his position as CEO of NG Metall, a part of the NG Group.

Published: 05.12.23

Summa announces the closing of Summa Circular, and ownership of NG is thus transferred from Summa Fund I to Summa Circular.

Published: 03.11.23

NG Metall has purchased the fully electric feeding crane, primarily for enviromental reasons. This is the first fully electric crane we have.

Published: 14.11.23

We took the trip to India, Thailand and Hong Kong. To secure the value chain and upholding of ethical standards.

Published: 26.11.23

Øst Riv AS have been entrusted with the major responsibility of leading the reconstruction of Randklev Bridge.

Passion for the purpose

We address a global challenge, and in the center of our mission lies a passionate commitment. By collaborating with dedicated partners and utilizing our platforms, we drive industry-wide changes and facilitate the transition to a circular economy. NG Group is committed to a sustainable future and accelerates the shift towards a circular economy. Our main priority remains providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and partners. NG Group aims to enhance its position in both profitability and sustainability.


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NG Group is structured around six strategic platforms, each playing a unique role in advancing the overall objectives of the group. The platforms feature leading brands within their respective market segments. Here you can find link to their sites on our platform page.

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